Calculator: Three Phase Star Connected

Three Phase Resistive Electrical Circuit Star or Y


How to Use This Calculator

Immersion Heater 6kw@440V

This calculator is based on ohms law. This calculator is useful in calculating Values of Current (in amperes), Voltage (in volts), Resistance (in ohms) and Power (inWatts) for electric heaters connected in Star fashion. In order to use this calculator, we are required any two values of Current, Voltage, Ohms & Power and the other two values will be computed by pressing the ‘Calculate’ Button. Let understand with an example.


Suppose You have an immersion heater with three U elements connected in such a way that one terminal of each element is connected to Red, Blue, Green wire (Three phase) and the other terminal of each is made common (for a balanced heater system Neutral in not generally required). This type of connection is a Star-Connected System.

Now let suppose, You want to know, what power is your heater is(Power of all the three elements combined) and hopefully you have a multi-meter with you. Now You can figure out what Power your heater would consume by following these steps, but before that make sure you have uninstalled and removed your heater from the supply.

  1. Measure the value of Ohms by setting your multi-meter to measure resistance value.
  2. Measure the resistance between the common connection and any one of the other terminal and note the value. Let suppose the measured Value is 53 ohms.
  3. Now in any given area, The Phase voltage(The Voltage difference between Phase and ground) is generally fixed, Usually 230V.
  4. Now you have R: 53 ohms and Voltage: 230V
  5. Putting this value into our calculator and pressing the calculate button will now give you the other value.
  6. Once done, If it is required to compute other values, The reset Button can be pressed, which resets the values.

Disclaimer: Though this calculator is useful, it is by no means a substitute of a professional Electrician. All the work should be done and handle by a trained electrician and shouldn’t be used by yourself.

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