Ceramic Band Heater for Plastic Extrusion and injection moulding Machine
ceramic band heater

Ceramic Band Heaters find application in heating material flowing through barrel, by warpping these heater tightly on the barrel. Also these heaters are used to supplement the heat requirement in process such as injection moulding and extrusion moulding in plastic processing machines. These heater also finds application as potential source for heat transfer through radiation as emissivity of ceramic surface is found satisfactory but alternatice of these is also available. We, Modern Radiant Heating, Manufacturer and supply these heater in a no of dimension and power rating operating at single phase or three phase to choose from. If You have any enquiry with regards to these heater, feel free to Contact us over the phone or the email or you can avail the use of our Request-a-Quote form to request for a prompt quotation.

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