aluminium cating heater

Casting Heaters Have Tubular Heating Element formed to shape and casted in aluminium or brass. Aluminium as an enveloping material offers various advantages. Aluminium as metal have very high thermal inertia. Thus high amount of heat can be extracted from it without much decrease in temperature which is a great advantage in many manufacturing process. Aluminium as metal also have high thermal Conductivity. Thus even the thinnest part aquire the same temperature as the core part. Alumminium Castin heater find use where a certain degree of temperature is to be maintained with high heat extraction for the process. We, Modern Radiant Heating, Design & Manufacture these heater with high quality heating elements placed properly inside the enveloping aluminium/brass material so as to perform optimally with the desired outcome. If you have any question or have a requirement, you may contact us over the phone or email us. You can also use our Request-a-Quote form for a quick Quote.

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