Mica Nozzel Heater

Mica Nozzel Heaters are used in Plastic processing. Though small in size, it is very vital in plastic parts forming. Without it, no plastic part can be produce. These heater are used to heat the nozzel of the injection moulding machine. The nozzel part of the machine is a restricted and narrow path, through which plastic enters the mould or die. If these heaters are not employed, the plastic part will get chocked or block in the nozzel because of low volume to surface area. We, Modern Radiant Heating, manufacturer these nozzel heaters for plastics industries with high quality material and perfection with various configuration to choose from. If you have any enquiry with regards to your nozzel heaters, you can Contact us over the phone or the email or you can use our Request-a-quote to request for a quick Quotation.

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