Mica Band Heater for extruder and injection moulding Machine

These Heaters are used in plastic industries the most. It is used to Heat the barrel of the injection moulding machine and extruders. These are also used over the die to maintain the temperature of the die so as to ensure proper flowabilty of the moulding plastic. The sheath of such a heater is seprated from the active current carrying wire by sandwitching the conductor between high dielectric, low absorption mica sheets. Ceramic band heater have now replaced mica band heater because of its high watt density capacity, still there are application where no one can take place of mica band heater. Mica Band Heaters are offered and made in a endless configuration and sizes. If you have any enquiry as for your Mica band heaters, you can Contact us over the phone or email or you can use our Request-a-quote form to request for a quick Quotation.

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