Infrared (IR) Heater

Radiation, is the Mode of heat transfer for such Heaters. IR Heater are classified based on the frequency at which these radiation are generated. These are Short waves, medium waves and long Waves Radiant Heaters. We, at Modern Radiant Heating, manufacturer these Heaters based on client requirement. These Heaters are available in a no of sizes and power ratings. These Heaters are generally made as per client specific request and requirement. A remarkable Feature of these heaters is that, these heater do not requires an intervene medium to transfer the energy. Heat is directed in the form of Electromagnetic waves, which are then absorbed by the material to which these radiation falls and thus result in Saving of Time and energy. If you have any enquiry about this type of heater, you can Contact us over the phone or email or you can request a quote using our Request-a-Quote form.

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