Ceramic Strip Heater

Ceramic Strip Heater is used in Sealing Machines and in control panel to prevent condensation of moisture inside the panel. These Heaters can be installed with fins to increase heat transfer incase of forced convection. Such type of structure allow for higher watt density than the former. These Heaters are manufacture using high quality insulating ceramic nuckles which have holes to receive the heating wire in coiled form. The insulating material can withstand high thermal shock. This assembly is then place in a metalic enclosure for handling and rigidity. We, Modern Radiant Heating, are proud of Manufacturing these, high quality ceramic strip heater, for industries. These Heaters are available in various sizes, lenght and power rating at the desired voltage. If you have any enquiry regaring these ceramic strip heater, you can Contact us over the phone or email or you can avail Request-a-quote form for raising a request for a quick quotation.

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