Ceramic Infrared Heater
Ceramic space heater

These heaters are used as infrared energy emitter. The surface of the ceramic ir heater is finished in such a way that most of the radiation emitted by these heater have the same radiation intensity in all the direction under its scope. The wavelenght of the emitted thernal energy is near to visible light. These heater emits thermal energy with low frequency and high wavelength. These Heaters find use where low frequency thermal energy can be readily absorb by the absorbant material such as in plastic glass manufacturing. We,Modern Radiant Heating, have carved out a significance place as a Manufacturer as well as a Supplier of leading brands of Ceramic IR Heater to industries. If you have any enquiry regarding these products, you can Contact us over the phone or email or you can use our Request-a-Quote form for a prompt Quotation.

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