high density hd cartridge heater

Also known colloquially as Pencil Heater, These Heater comes in Three different varities based on Sheath Watt Density. They are so classified as:

  1. Low Density Cartridge Heater
  2. Medium Density Cartridge Heater
  3. High Density Cartridge Heater

These Heaters Find use mostly in Dies for plastics parts manufacturing. These Heater occasionally find usefulness to heat Liquid and gases, and as well as To Heat part at Distance through Radiant Heating

We At Modern Radiant Heating Manufacturer all the three type of Cartridge Heater. We Have specialized in manufacturing these heater especially with respect to High Density Cartridge Heater. Our high Density Cartridge Heaters are adored by our client and we feel proud and happy for it. If you have any enquiry for our range of cartridge/ pencil heater, feel free to Contact US or you can also drop your Requirement using our quick Request-a-quote form.

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